Below is an outline of services offered by BrowSavvy.

Please feel free to contact me directly or one of my spa partners in your area to discuss any service in more detail or to schedule your brow appointment.


2 hours, lasts 1-3 years

Microblading is a 2 part process; the initial appointment and the touch-up 4 to 6 weeks later.
Aftercare is essential for properly healed microbladed eyebrows.

Sarah also specializes in tattoo and colour correction; feel confident booking even if you have had permanent/semi permanent makeup done else where.

BrowSavvy recommends an annual colour boost to maintain your eyebrows.

Patch tests and consultations are always complimentary.

HD brows

1 hour, lasts 3 to 6 weeks

HD brows is a high precision procedure that transforms even the most over plucked brow into its perfect shape, dramatically enhancing your facial features. Whoever you are, whatever the state of your brows, we can help.

The treatment consists of 6 unique procedures performed by BrowSavvy's highly trained and skilled brow stylist. These techniques include a unique combination of waxing, tweezing, tinting, trimming, shaping, and complimentary brow pencil for training purposes.

With HD brows achieve the perfect eyebrow shape, colour and definition.


1 hour, results within 4 to 6 sessions

Dermarolling induces skins natural collagen building, this helps to restore skin tightness in the early stages of aging.  Dermarolling improves the texture of the skin and smooth out wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, and other skin imperfections.

Dermarolling benefits

  • no risk of skin damage
  • reduces scars; after a few treatments they will flatten and      become less obvious.
  • reduces wrinkles
  • tightens lax skin
  • suitable for any part of the body
  • reduces cellulite and stretch marks
  • suitable for thin and sensitive skin

Lash Lift and Tint

45 minutes, lasts 6 to 8 weeks

Lash lifting will enhance your natural lash.

Using Australian brand Elleebana products your lashes are curled to new heights and tinted jet black or black brown to stand out and make a statement.

Great substitute for eyelash extensions.

Great for moms on the go, natural beauty lovers or for a little pick me up.

Click here for beautiful before and after transformations.

BrowSavvy Brow Waxing

25 minutes, lasts 3 to 6 weeks

Clean-up and groom those unruly, unwanted brow hairs.

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